Time And Relative Diversity in Infinite Combinations

So this prompt was actually my idea, but I couldn’t just sit back and NOT answer it.  What would be the point of that?

My blog idea is to try and maybe see just how far out there some of us have gone, are considering going, or wish we could go in the pursuit of IDIC in our fanfics. So, of those who are doing it, what other shows/media (or even star trek eras) are people pulling into their fanfics as crossovers? What crossovers do some people wish we could see, or want to try and write themselves. How do you feel about crossovers in star trek in general?

SO, allons-y!

My wife and I recently got hooked on a little show from across the pond (ha!  Pond!) called Doctor Who.  Maybe you’ve heard of it.  Basically, it’s awesome.  And lots of running.  Since starting to watch it we have cried numerous times, I can no longer go into a dark room without looking behind me multiple times for a stone angel, and I had the overwhelming urge during chem-warfare training to turn to my partner, while wearing my gas mask, and ask “Are you my mummy?”

The one crossover fic on the site that I’ve read and fully enjoyed was MDG’s “New Threat.”  Go check it out.  Unless, if you’re like me and can’t stand to start something that isn’t finished yet and have to wait for the rest to be posted (hint hint).  It’s a REALLY good crack at combining Doctor Who and Star Trek.  And after the rumors of the possibility of ENT/Dr. Who crossovers if ENT had continued, and now the comic book that was released with Matt Smith’s Doctor and the Enterprise-D joining up, the two shows seem to just beg to be thrown together.  Ok, maybe not beg, but dammit they play well together!  And if you haven’t read MDG’s New Threat, go.  Now.  Read.  It’s fun!

As far as for me, I’m a bit inspired to try my hand at a Doctor Who story, but I’m not sure about mashing Rafale with it, and which Doctor I’d use, especially since I’m a bit limited on my knowledge (we started with Eccleston and just got to Matt Smith two days ago).  I know I’m also going to bring in a few elements here and there from other places – if you’re familiar with the Mass Effect series, you might start to recognize a few elements here and there in coming stories.

The main crossover I’m working on is a TRON crossover.  It’s still in the works, and still a ways off, but I’m really excited about it, and I think it’s going to be really fun to do.

“What now?”  She asked quietly, looking down at Sark’s remains.

Tron knelt down, picking up Sark’s disc.  “It ends.”  He stood back up, placing both his and Sark’s disc on his back, finally looking at Jessica.  “We finish the game.”

Obviously, I like crossovers in Star Trek.  Fan Fiction is the best place, I feel, for crossovers of this kind of magnitude to live and be enjoyed more fully.  We can do anything we want – within reason – in this realm of fan fiction.  And it only makes the Sci-Fi that much better.  IDIC, right?  Crossovers are the epitome of that phrase.

8 thoughts on “Time And Relative Diversity in Infinite Combinations

  1. I’ve thought about doing a City of Heroes/Trek crossover at one point, especially since my Trek stories have a couple of characters based on my COH characters. It’s probably going to end up being a “holodeck malfunction” storyline, but these days you can really only play that card for fun, and that’s my only goal. And there miiiight be a certain villain from the older game that gets “loose”. 🙂

    1. I had considered doing something with Jess and JD on the holodeck playing something akin to CoH, but I wouldn’t dedicate a full story to it. Maybe just a little scene with them spending time relaxing until something Star Treky happens, and then the holodeck turns off. Let me know when you start pulling Morgan off the shelf to have fun. 🙂

      1. Oooh, that would be fun, especially considering the origins of the characters.

  2. It is awesome! I get why you want to turn to your partner in germ-warfare and say ‘Are you my Mummy?’ and I kinda want you to and want to see your partner’s face. Hee, hee. That’s a chuckle that is going to stick with me throughout the day.

    Admittedly, I’m not big on crossovers. Mostly, because I’ve read too many that were bad. I do think there is potential to it right and some are probably more able to cross over with one another that others. I kinda do think Who and Trek has that potential (and I will presume that you have already read Gibraltar’s Geometries of Chance for a big nod therein).

    That said, I do like the idea of taking elements from other settings and utilizing them within the Trekverse moreso that a straight crossover. I’ve blended certain aspects within the Watchtower Universe from Firefly, Star Wars and an alien species from Mass Effect too, and more may happen in the far future as that series develops.

    More in my own prompt response I am sure.

  3. P.S. Love Tron! Especially the soundtrack. So let me know when that happens and I’ll be all over that Crossover.

    And yeah, IDIC for the word. I’ll have to stop being such a snob or just read better examples of Crossovers.

  4. Templar Sola, nice blog post, on the theme, that a hard hit on the new Doctor Who watching.
    Though the idea of doing tron in the holodeck does seem another fun idea 😉

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