A Soft Place for a Rock in a Hard Place

From Miranda Fave:

Given the thoughts being bounced about in the Book Club idea Boldly Reading my prompt is a simple: what do you like to read? what fanfic story type/era/character and heck even name an author here you gush over do you like to read?

Well, this should be a fun prompt (and thanks for the nudge to get blogging!)  What do I like to read?  Well, I actually do like to read fanfiction now.  I’ve gotten very tired and bored with the stuff that’s usually put out on the mainstream market with the Star Trek logo on it; we need fresh stuff beyond the Next Generation era characters (TNG, DS9, VOY).  Don’t get me wrong, I love TNG and the characters (I grew up with them) but it’s time to explore more.  That’s what Star Trek is about.

Beyond that, I am a Sci-Fi/Fantasy kinda guy.  Read “Ender’s Game” a year ago finally and loved it, and I totally can’t wait for the movie (even though I won’t get the chance to see it in IMAX or 3D…so bummed).  Hobbit, LOTR were my favorites growing up, and it really has pushed me into the sci-fi and fantasy realm of what I enjoy.

As for on Ad Astra itself, I like to read TNG-era stuff.  It’s comfortable for me.  I’ve never been a huge follower of TOS, so despite the iconicness of that time, it’s very alien to me.  Right now I’m working on finishing the Gibraltar series and let me tell you…wow.  Sam is amazing with his Gibraltar stories, and you can definitely see a transformation and growing in his writing style as you follow the series.  I seriously love it, and I’m actually kinda honored he and MDG asked me to try my hand at making characters (in Star Trek Online) to be used for a few characters and the Europa, to include my favorite Pava (*fanboy squee*)

Another awesome story I read was “451” by, interestingly enough, 451.  It was, at the time, the only Star Trek Online universe story, and I felt it gave the community a great first look into the universe, especially before I jumped in and started wacking you all on the head with it with my “Rafale.”  Definitely recommend reading that one as well (I actually did recommend it, during the final review hunt.  Glad to see it get a few more reads and reviews!)

Well, there you go.  I hope that fulfilled the prompt well enough!  lol

6 thoughts on “A Soft Place for a Rock in a Hard Place

  1. Excellent response to the prompt TemplarSora, and of course excellent insight into what type of genre you like. It has to be said, seeing more of the STO Universe in fanfic is going to prove very interesting to those of us not in the know. The fanfic helping to bridge that unknown gap.

  2. I didn’t know fanboys squeed. I thought only we fan females did.

    And I read 451! And loved it! So I thank you for the recommendation.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it. Definitely gave a good introduction for everyone on the site to the universe I play in, and I was pleasantly surprised when I found it. Kind of pushed me further into deciding to write Rafale, knowing I wasn’t the only crazy person writing STO-era stuff! lol

  3. It’s funny you mention Gibraltar and liking TNG-era stories. Gibraltar writes in the post-Dominion War era 🙂 I write in the TNG era. 😉 You sure you’re not confusing us?

    I’m hoping Sam’s hiatus is short so we can get back to collabing on our latest novel. 🙂

    Good post, btw.

    1. Nope, haven’t read FSA. I lump TNG/DS9/VOY into the “TNG-era” because all 3 series take place in the same time period (mid-to-late 2300’s). I usually divide it into ENT, TOS/TAS, Movies, TNG/DS9/VOY, and now STO.

      Trust me, FSA is on my to-do list, right after Arc of the Wolf and Chronlices, lol

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